PD Day 11 April 2016

Information for Governor Blog from Peter Bailey – 11.04.16

I joined the staff at their Professional Development Day (PD Day) on the morning of April 11th considering both the assessment results from the end of last year and those of the latest assessments carried out just before Easter. In particular we looked at the latest ‘Raising Attainment Plan’ or RAP for short. This details how the school is working for even greater progress in the coming weeks. The overall assessment results for 2015 had been extremely positive; children had made very good progress across the school. It is obvious that staff are very conscientious, determined to work as a team in order to attain even higher results in the future.

The school produced a very clear and comprehensive document detailing the pupils’ ongoing assessment results. This document is much clearer than the data that I often see in other schools, working in my role as an educational consultant. This led to an interesting discussion concerning such issues as:

– what is considered to be ‘instant recall’ of multiplication facts

– the identification of pupils with English as an additional language

– the inclusion of targets for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

– the inclusion of EYFS data in the Raising Attainment Plan

The atmosphere of the meeting was very positive; staff are obviously very keen to ensure the children continue to make excellent progress.

The meeting concluded with a brief presentation concerning the teaching of French, outlining some of the interactive resources available to teachers when teaching French to Key Stage Two pupils.

I am due to visit the school again on April 14th and, following this morning’s session, feel well equipped to discuss the school’s latest assessment data with other Governors.


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