Maths – Pupil Views

Maths – Pupil Views, March 2015 – Interviewed by a governor

I used a structured interview with individual pupils -3 boys and 2 girls. They ranged from y6 to y2, y3 are eligible for PPG and they have different abilities in maths.

Children chose a piece of work to show me – why have you chosen it?
• I did it all by myself, I love co-ordinates
• it was really fun and I got really interested,
• I liked doing this maths [and explained success criteria],
• we have been doing odd numbers
• we had to make sure everything is on the same side then I had a mirror and made sure it was the same

What do you like about maths and why?
• Nothing cos it’s too tricky
• Times tables and addition – fun and do it with a friend; tables are really tricky and sometimes
I get the hang of it
• I like the different methods I can do. I like to show my work so my teacher can understand it.
I like the fact that my teacher gives me close the gap [marking] and it helps me to learn and
get better levels [she told me what level she is working at]
• Times tables – you get to add a number again
• I don’t know. I think it was maths and we had the difference about numbers. I didn’t like it co
it was a bit hard

Anything you don’t like?
• It’s not neat [my work]
• Division – it’s tricky
• No
• It’s too hard sometimes
• I don’t know

What is maths, what do you do in maths lessons
• Adding, learning work, times, division
• Numbers; talk together about what we are going to do and then do it independently or together
• Calculating different problems
• Adding and numbers, taking away, learning about money now
• It’s all about work and stuff

Why do you think it is important?
• You have to learn, calculating bank statements
• Have to do it to get into the [secondary] school you want
• It can help you to get higher levels and is good for outside as well
• It can help you – like your numbers and adding and learn times-ing

What can you use to help you with your maths?
• A bank, calculator, your head, fingers
• Rulers, protractors, calculators, friends
• Ask my peer or go to the teacher for help
• I don’t know … could ask TAs
• Our teachers can help us if we can’t use the number line, number grid. I don’t use multi-link

Do you work in groups or by yourself? Show me in your books
• Sometimes groups, sometimes by myself
• Groups
• Some group work
• On yourself
• Sometimes we work independently. Most of the time we work in groups

Tell me about when you use maths skills at home/homework? What if you get stuck?
• ?? homework is horrible, if stuck – leave it in my bag
• When you have to do homework, sometimes hard and sometimes easy – ask mum
• Everywhere eg I have a notepad and pens at home and every night I do several maths questions and
my dad is really good at maths – he’s teaching me how to do decimal points and percentages
• Homework, spellings and times – mum and dad help
• I don’t do any of that. Sometimes I copy stories

Anything else you would like to tell me?
• We do minute maths and it’s really good. 24/24 gets a positive added to the class dojo
• My secure method in addition is the column method… it’s simple. In subtraction it’s column but
if stuck I go to the default which is the Kate Burton method
• After lunch we do adding called minute maths – I like that. You get a minute to do them all

My observations:
• All the children were happy to talk about the work in their books and show me what they were
proud of. They were generally fluent when answering questions and seemed to give honest answers
• Most could list ways they can help themselves rather than rely on an adult for help
• They talked mainly about calculation with little mention of other aspects of the curriculum such
as measurement and geometry
• They found it hard to explain why maths is important and when they use maths out of school


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